My doctor ordered lab work. What do all the initials stand for?

CBC = " complete blood count". This is not technically a complete blood count but we still call it that. It consists of the following:

Hematocrit and Hemoglobin-Red Blood Count

WBC=White Blood Count broken down into total and types of white blood cells

CMP=Comprehensive metabolic panel

ALB=Albumin- measures protein

Alkaline Phosphatase- measure of liver and pancreatic function

ALT (SGOT) -measures liver function

AST (SGPT) -measures liver function

BUN-measures dehydration

Calcium-a mineral

Chloride - an electrolyte

CO2-Carbon Dioxide, a dissolved gas in the blood

Creatinine-measures kidney function

Glucose- blood sugar

Potassium- an electrolyte

Sodium- an electrolyte

Total Bilirubin- measure of bile in the blood

Total Protein-checks for immune problems and bone cancer as well as malnutrition.


Lipid Panel consists of the following:

Total Cholesterol

Triglycerides- fat in the blood that is a cousin to cholesterol

HDL- High  Density Lipoprotein: "Good Cholesterol"

LDL- Low Density Lipoprotein: "Bad Cholesterol"

VLDL- Very Low Density Lipoprotein


Thyroid Panel

TSH- Thyroid Stimulating  Hormone

T3- Triiodothyronine

T4- Thyroxine





Last update: 02March2014