Knees, degenerative arthritis

Degenerative arthritis of the knees is linked to a deterioration of cartilage in the joint space. Management with supplements is geared towards rebuilding cartilage and controlling inflammation.If you are desirous of possibly avoiding knee replacement, allow two months to see if a glucosamine formula can help. Attention should also be given to vitamin D3 levels as well as calcium and magnesium. Other readers have found that aggressive weight training of the knee muscles supervised by a physical therapist has been helpful. Medical acupuncture is another modalilty that has been helpful.

1.Medical references:

A. Medline

B. Discussion of glucosamine/ chondrontin sulfate-glucosamine is not related to sulfa drugs

 A. Rebuilding cartilage:

Top recommendation: Glucosamine/MSM/ chondrontin formula


+Glucosamine can elevate blood sugar. If you are diabetic, be  aware. Usually the elevation is not significant, but this is an issue you and your doctor should discuss.

B. Managing inflammation:

Top  tier recommendation: A.I. formula

Second tier recommendation: Curcumin formula

Last updated: 06July2012